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Fernie's Pharmacy

Olive Wood Lemon Reamer

Olive Wood Lemon Reamer

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What is a lemon reamer? 

A lemon reamer is a kitchen utensil designed for extracting juice from citrus fruits, primarily lemons, limes, or oranges. 

This lemon reamer from Bethlehem Star Olive Wood Factory is both a practical kitchen utensil and a piece of functional art. Each lemon reamer has been hand carved from olive wood; each piece showcases the beautiful grain and tonality of the olive tree. 

With each purchase of a Bethlehem Star Olive Wood Factory lemon reamer you are not only supporting local Palestinian artisans and keeping a wood craft tradition alive, but you are also supporting wild flower conversation. Additionally, Fernie's Pharmacy is donating all profits of the sale of these beautiful lemon reamers for aid in Palestine. Your purchase is helping the community on so many levels. 

Thank you for being an ally to Palestine.

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