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Izzi Essentials

Glass Cups

Glass Cups

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Used with oil for facial rejuvenation and on the body for releasing muscles and improving qi and blood flow to help with pain. For facial cupping - the cups are used very gently with only about 25% pressure. They are used in a massage like pattern to help micro circulation of blood and qi. They drain lymph and relax the muscles of the face that tend to be tense, this is especially helpful around the eyes and forehead (crows feet and number 11s). Be especially gentle around the eyes and never leave the cups in one position, they should always be gliding or moving on the face.

On the body they are best used on the forearms for carpal tunnel, IT bands, calves, around the shoulder blades, on the neck and other areas that could use muscle relaxation. They can be used with any oil from coconut, to olive oil to any luxury oil you have as well. For the body you can leave the cups stationary (they may leave a little purple suction mark) or gliding as you would on the face.


**contact us for a consult for a custom oil to use with the facial cups

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